About Us

Located in Southern New Jersey, our company is a professional, innovative service organization specializing in industrial water treatment services. 

In addition, we feature an innovative surfactant based boil-out chemical product line that has been used for major co-generation boilers in the United States and Internationally. 

Our area of service extends in a 150 mile radius from Philadelphia and includes New York City, New Jersey, Delaware and the Baltimore-Washington DC area. 

We utilize the most up-to-date advances in water treatment and match the water treatment program to your applications. We are a quality-oriented company that is customer driven. Competitive price, fast results and personal service. No doubt that is what you expect from a water treatment company and that is exactly the way we have run our business from the very beginning. 

Delaware Valley Water Treatment is a charter member of the International Water Treatment Manufacturer's Association and a member of the Association of Water Technologies. All our representatives are licensed pesticide applicators.  We also have all completed the certification program for The Association of Water Technologies (CWT).  You can click on any of the links below for more information on AWT, CWT, or NJ DEP pesticide applicator licensing.

For a no cost survey and analysis of your cooling towers, evaporative condensers, boilers, closed loops, give us a call at (609) 654-6679


Quotes from some of our Satisfied Customers!

"They have proven to be very capable of handling all of our water treatment applications.  Our representative, David Mann is highly recommended for any type of water treatment services required." -----Ray N. (Philadelphia, PA)

"The personal service, potential for savings, and the resources available to Delaware Valley Water Treatment make them an easy pick in my book.  I have learned a great deal through their semi-annual training sessions as well as the consistently scheduled service calls provided by the company."  

----Bill D.(Philadelphia, PA)

"Due to the excellence of the handling of our water treatment requirements, DVWT provides the only treatment we would allow to handle our account."     

--- Ron G. (Ambler, PA)

"Before we were using DVWT our annual boiler inspection always found damage to the boiler tubes, and we were forced to replace many if not all of the tubes on a regular basis, which is a significant cost to the company.  I can say the last two years there were no repairs that had to be done, thus a large savings to the company.  I would recommend David and DVWT to anyone that may be in a similar situation that I was in."  ----Mike M. (Vineland, NJ)

"I just want to write this letter regarding our October 1, 2007 annual boiler inspections on our 2 Cleaver Brooks boilers.  Our inspector told me that the boiler waterside looked very good and he felt that it was even better than last year.  That's not bad considering one boiler was manufactured in 1956 and the other in 1969.  Thank you for your help and your dependable service."  

---Fred K. (Maple Shade, NJ)

"John, I wish to personally thank you on my behalf as well as that of all the powerhouse personnel for the recent Water Treatment Seminar which you conducted at our Facility.  It certainly was an important "Building Block" in our endeavor to structure the education of our people as to "State of the Art" methods of operations.  As always, your eagerness to assist us and your cooperations are greatly appreciated." ---Bob F. (Philadelphia, PA)

All service technicians are Certified Pesticide Applicators in 3 States...